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Rhino G is a gangster from the people, a Robin Hood for the people.

Haiti's Presidential Artist

An Authentic Haitian Gangster Steps Up.

Hip Hop was his First love.

Born in Gonaives City. Bred in the projects of Nashville. Taking Atlanta and Miami by storm.
A true Haitian gangster with his own style of rap and hip-hop. Rhino G takes the stage and gives it back to the people.
Fully independent and representing Gangster Bagay Productions, taking his talents to South Beach.
Rhino G supports Haiti. With Arms wide open to America, ties to inner city projects from childhood, he's unlike anything ever seen before.
Join the Fam! More Money, More Music, and More Shows Coming Up


The One and Only Authentic Haitian Rapper the Streets of America Need.

Since 15, Rhino G has gained hundreds and thousands of followers on YouTube and Facebook while exploding as one of the top American-style rappers in Haiti.

Rhino is compared to Kevin Gates and is directly influenced by many rappers in the USA, including Kodak Black, Yo Gotti, Gucci Mane, and PeeWee Longway.
His unique blend of rap with creole influenced Americanized production makes him an enigma as well as a superstar.

All About The Money, All About the People: Rhino G is a true hip-hop scene leader with no ceiling on his talent.

Support Haiti

Rhino G:

Supports Eductation in Haiti.
Supports Haitians studying abroad.
Opens Non-profits to help Haiti.

Putting God and Family first, a true gangster reppin the streets of Gonaives, Haiti.


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